A quick guide to eating healthier and tastier!

It’s that time of the year again where we panic buy food to stuff our freezers with.

No matter that we may or not eat it, or even worse, it may not be food that’s good for us. And of course, we keep promising ourselves all through Ramzan and we will eat healthy. So, let’s give it another shot. Here’s a few ideas for relatively healthier Sehri and Iftar meals.

Sandwiches for Sehri Sandwiches make for a quick and fulfilling meal. Replace white bread with multi-grain bread and fill it with your favorite proteins and veggies. Instead of mayo, try a yogurt based sauce/dip like the Greek Tzatziki. For the protein, prep some home-made chicken chunks with a flavoring of your choice. Roast beef is also great to stock up on for sandwiches. Add some lettuce, cucumbers and cottage cheese if you really want it to fill it up. You can prep these the night before or even at Sehri.

Rice for Rozas

While we tend to be irked by the thought of eating rice for Sehri, it is actually a fantastic idea and scientifically proven to be so. Rice is a complex carbohydrate and will keep you filled up for longer. Replace white rice with brown and it’s an even better option. A fried rice dish packed with your favorites and proteins will keep you going all day. Frankly, I am good with a leftover biryani too. Or a classic Aloo Gosht Chawal. Yummmm…..

Noodles after Namaz

The humble provides so much variation in terms of the textures and diversity of flavors it can hold. If you want both iftar and dinner in Ramzan, then noodles can make for an excellent light dinner. You can choose whole wheat, egg or even rice noodles to keep things healthier. Experiment with different kinds of noodles such as the Asian udon, soba or mung (glass) noodles and pack it with your favorite vegetables and seasonings. You could even go Italian with angel hair, linguine, fettuccine, bucatini and so many more.

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