Our picks for what-to-do this weekend - 5th to 7th March 2021

Welcome to the second episode of Editor’s Picks: Weekend Edition - where we list down our suggestions for what you should eat, do and buy this weekend.

With schools open and work-from-home on it’s way out, we may have less free time on our hands.Unfortunately, spending the year mostly at home has meant that I am now struggling to get back to the 9 to 5, and I am surprised when a meeting is an actual meeting instead of a Zoom call. Which means that I am now claiming my weekends harder than ever before!


Test Kitchen by Okra

I never fancied eating on the road, until I returned to Test Kitchen. Ever since outdoor dining became a thing, I have only eaten at places that had their own dedicated open air dining space. However, I did find myself having lunch on the road at Test Kitchen by Okra. The food is still great, especially all the beef entrees. Come to think of it, that’s most of their menu. Do get the beef with caramelised onions on sourdough and sliced beef with chimol sauce. I could have skipped the Iranian cottage cheese though. There’s a nice, leafy shade too. And for the first time, there were empty tables too!


Attend the Karachi Laughter Fest 2021 by the National Academy of Performing Arts. It is 100% online and free too! There’s already quite a bit of quality comedy content on the NAPA website and there’s the premier of ‘Meri Bivi Tum Ho’ on Sunday 7th March. The blurb tells us that it is about a young lady who lands herself in hot water because of her nosy nature.

Attend the WOW Virtual PK 2021. A regular feature on the Karachi social calendar, this women-centered festival of ideas has gone virtual this year. Essentially, it celebrates women and their contributions to society, as well as looking into obstacles faced by women and girls. Some of the speakers this year include Sania Saeed, Anoushay Ashraf, Ayesha Chundrigar, Kanwal Ahmed and Noorjehan Bilgrami.


It is the beginning of the month, so I am feeling a bit rich. While I am skipping clothes shopping this week, there are still scented candles left to try. I am intrigued by the latest entrant on the block ‘Musk by Mushk’ - Mushk Kaleem, that is. The sleek, marble jars look pretty classy.

Also, since schools are open in full swing and indoor dining begins on 15th March, I will be stocking up on more masks. While I loved the double sided prints from TNE, the masks shrunk considerably upon washing. Khaadi has updated its mask designs and sizes but the down-side is the ‘white’ inside of the mask. This makes the smudged make-up impossible to wash off. So, I leave that decision to you - TNE or Khaadi? Also open to suggestions on where else we could get cute masks.

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