According to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, a strategy will be implemented to target the rising food prices.

On the 10th of October the PM announced that a strategy would be implemented regarding the prices of food in the nation. The Premier further stated that all resources would be used to make certain that the price of food and goods are brought down.

The burdening prices of food have reached a point where people have begun to complain that what was once affordable cannot be purchased due to the hike in prices. The PM made it clear that there would be a thorough investigation into the rise in prices, whether it be pertaining to a genuine shortage of supply or for other reasons related to international revenues.

PM Khan went on to discuss the establishment and utilising of resources to tackle the hike in prices, making due efforts to reduce the inflation in the market regarding the taxes and supplies. The PM also wrote on his social media platform that he would soon be meeting with the Tiger Force the coming Saturday, to check up on the prices of daal, atta, sugar, ghee, etc in their local vicinities, and report back.

After the new implementations come into being we hope to see a significant change regarding the overall spike in food prices, Khan's Tiger Force will be in place to observe the changes in food prices and the root of their increase, which will then be discussed at a meeting on Saturday.

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