So many people have been creative enough during lockdown, what with all the time we have even though some of us are.

So many people have been creative enough during lockdown, what with all the time we have even though some of us are also working from home.

One such person started her own interview show - 'After Hours With Mushk' with the model everyone loves, Mushk Kaleem.

We got talking to her about how it began, how it is faring audience wise, and more!

What prompted the idea to start these live shows?

I wanted to start live shows because I wanted to be productive with my time and I guess at the time when I started it, no one was really doing it. So it was an area of opportunity that I want to immediately tap into. The idea was to cut the celebrity feel and make it very personal. I wanted to people to know that behind the glitz and glamour, we’re all human. So I made each session personal and more about my guests as humans than celebrities and famed public figures. I hope I could get that emotion through!

The question posed to Minal Khan about the media side vs the fashion side, what gave you the idea for the question, was there any experience perhaps?

I believe that there has always been this friction where people on either side might believe that they’re better than the other. I have seen people exhibit standoffish behaviour, towards people from the fashion side, especially models. People still don’t take models seriously. Maybe addressing this issue and bring it to light can change attitudes on both the ends.

What is it like connecting with people outside the fashion industry? For example in media, how is the experience different for you?

I think it was great! Many people approached me themselves. I learnt a lot of things about the media industry that I wasn’t aware of and I’m sure they got educated about the fashion industry too. I interviewed actors, directors, musicians and they have been welcoming! They’ve all been very warm and accommodating!

In Ali and Myrah Xeeshan’s episode not only was it entertaining for the designer to reveal adorable glimpses into his romantic life, but the messages of positivity were a real morale boost! Are these questions going naturally with the flow or anticipated?

Nothing is anticipated. I want to have a free-flowing conversation with anyone that I bring on board! I always read up on my guests so that I know what to speak about, but I assure you, Ali’s cheekiness and positivity was all natural and unplanned!

What made you decide the guest list so far for Afterhours?

I wanted a blend of every aspect of our media and fashion industry. I’ve take actors (Emmad Irfani & Yasir Hussain), actresses (Minal Khan, Aiman Khan, Sarwat Gillani), stylist (Tabesh Khoja) , art director (Sarwat Gillani) directors (Wajahat Rauf and Asad Ul Haq) so it’s a blend of everyone from our fashion and entertainment industry.

Discussing topics in quarantine did you expect that mental health issues would be addressed on the show? For example anxiety on Anoushey Ashraf’s episode? And how much people could relate to it?

I wanted to bring up mental health because I’ve been speaking about it as much as I possibly can. I’m glad Anoushey brought the issue up so that people understand that mental health isn’t a taboo and if public figures start talking about it, they would get more comfortable with addressing it in their own way. Mental health is real, not a taboo and it’s okay to talk about it.

Were there any topics in the shows which you feel strongly about?

Yes. I always end my show telling everyone to stay at home and stay safe. I also make it a point to appreciate our front-line workers- our armed forces, nurses, doctors, people who have their stores open so that we can get groceries during a lockdown! It’s important to show gratitude. I also feel strongly about breaking the stereotype around models. I’m glad that I’ve gotten encouragement and support from my guests about this little venture that I’ve started. I also feel strongly about giving credit where it’s due, especially people behind the camera, so I took an art-director, Hashim Ali, as a guest too.

We have seen Sarwat Gilani and Ayesha Omar discuss their skin care tips, and provide knowledge about organic product but what is your preferred skin care routine?

I actually took Sarwat Gillani’s advice and started using Aloe Vera gel on my skin! It really does wonders. I’m trying to stay hydrated, moisturised and acne-free. Also, face masks are easy skin-refreshers! Nothing like a good face mask for an instant glow on your skin! And I know this is crazy, but I try to aim to drink a gallon of water a day!

We thoroughly enjoyed Faisal Kapadia from Strings’ session! Did you prepare beforehand or ask anyone about music related questions or are you a fan yourself?

I’m a huge strings fan! But I always read up on my guests to be prepared. Faisal and I haven’t ever met and he made me feel so comfortable, not just me, he also addressed questions sent in by our viewers! I was jumping with excitement when Faisal confirmed to come live! And in the end, he wrapped the Insta-live with a spontaneous live mini-concert! That was one of my After-Hours’ highlights and everyone who was watching loved his performance!

There are big names in media and fashion alike for the guests, helpful for all the viewers and insightful conversation as well. Is it difficult to pose questions for those who are in a different position in the field?

No. communication has been my strong suit! So i ask questions that viewers send in and I also ask questions that I myself and curious about. I take out some time of my day to study my guests. Even though it’s just an everyday Instagram live session, I do take it very seriously.

When discussing questions about social media as was done in some of the shows, are you surprised to hear similar experiences other public figures have to deal with?

I’m not surprised at all. I think people who are in the spotlight have to deal with social-media trolls and cyber-bullies almost everyday. I’ve experienced them too and have had my fair share. It’s sad, really. Some people deal with it in a strong manner but for some, it really takes a toll. We need more empathy and kindness.

Lastly, how challenging has quarantine been for you and has hosting this informative yet entertaining show helped you personally?

It is a big commitment. I coordinate with my guests, get my templates ready, get my light, my outfit, everything ready at 9pm sharp. I’m never late and I like being disciplined about anything I do. I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off the way I did, but we’re on episode 14 now and it has been great! Two weeks of back to back interviews! It has been very informative for me. I’ve connected with people I haven’t met and it’s always nice to get to know interesting things about the other side of the media world.

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